About me

I'm a painter, illustrator and storyboard artist based in the London.

To create my art I use whichever medium feels right for the picture I'm trying to make: I paint with oils, acrylics and watercolours and draw with pencil, chalks, charcoal, carbon, marker pens and inks. For illustrations I usually use a little Photoshop too.

Since graduating from Curtin Universities School of Fine Art in Australia I have exhibited widely; at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Artspace, Gallery East, The Moores Building, The Jacksue Gallery, Kurb and Artrage's Breadbox and Artshouse galleries in Australia. My most recent exhibition was 'London Paintings', at Madame Lillie's gallery in London.

I have also produced illustrations and designs for the Awesome Children's festival, Murdoch University Press, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Thin Ice Productions and various theatrical productions at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, as well as working as an art director for Blue Sky Films and producing storyboards for film productions by Wolf Lane Studios and Mandurah Museum.

Since relocating to the UK I have also worked with Saunders Interiors in London to produce murals for private homes whilst continuing to produce illustrations, storyboards for films and adverts, and artwork for exhibition. Recent commissions have included the creation of concept art and storyboards for companies such as Pace media, Space City Productions and Kode Media, as well as designing storyboards and character designs for the animation 'Cannibal Story', a co-production between Martimuli Artists and The Fremantle Arts Centre in Australia. This film is based on the paintings and stories of Yunkarra Billy Atkins and was directed by Sohan Hayes, for whom I recently also helped create animations for 'The Wickham Project' film installation, which was projected onto vast water towers at night in the town of Wickham in the far north-west of Australia. 

Most of what I do is dependent on my passion for drawing. I love to create my own personal art and also to work to commission. By doing both of these things I feel I am best able to grow as an artist.

Finally, if you want to know 'what my art is all about', then please, look again at the pictures: everything that it is 'about' I have tried to put in there, with my brush or my pencil, etc. My main job is to make pictures, not to write words about them... 

All enquiries are most welcome.

   Photograph by Justin Charles